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It took a long time for me to come back to writing but after years of running my own Animal Behaviour Consultancy, I decided to return to my first love and started to write again. I had a text book published (The Animal Welfare Handbook) some time ago but this time I wanted to concentrate on telling stories. Some of my short stories for adults have been short listed for international competitions such as the Fish Prize and the Bridport Prize.

If you want to read the exciting story of how I came to write RED FEVER and win the KELPIES PRIZE, please go to MY BOOKS. I wrote the book in ten days in order to meet the deadline for the Kelpies competition!

Ever since winning the Kelpies I have had a brilliant time going into schools and talking to writing groups. Meeting the young people who read my book has been tremendous fun. I love hearing about the things they like, and all about their pets. The pupils are always so enthusiastic and ask lots of questions. They especially like to hear about my animals and the work I did when I was an Animal Behaviourist.

I love speaking about my work and writing, and luckily am not in the least bit worried by public speaking. I take drama lessons with a wonderful teacher, and this has taught me the necessary skills to be comfortable with meeting and talking to small or large audiences.

Teachers and organisers of events should go to EVENTS to see what I can offer.

And now, here is a list of some random things you might find interesting;-

I completed a course in screen writing and made a short film based on one of my stories which had been short listed for a major short story competition.

I have produced several short films which are did well on the film festival circuit.

My pony Nancy was once Supreme Show Pony at the British Show Pony Championships.

I won an Outstanding Achievement Award for Storytelling at the Aberdeen Drama Festival with a monologue I had written.

I once acted in a television ad for double glazing.

I once had to treat a parrot which thought it was a seagull.

I used to take singing lessons but then realised I was never going to get on to The X Factor!

I once worked as a kennel maid for an animal charity for six months and ended up with twenty cats I had fallen in love with and taken home.

I go “Munro bagging” with my husband which means being dragged up Scottish mountains in all weathers, and putting a small stone on the cairn on the summit. 

I have passed my Drama and Reading exams up to Bronze medal standard, and am currently studying for my Silver Medal.

My cats can sit and get on and off a chair to command (useful!).

I told you it was random didn’t I?

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