Now out!  The next in the series – SILVER STORM.  Silver Storm sees Toby taking on the evil Corporation which is determined on global domination and will stop at nothing to reach its goal.



The Writing of Silver Storm

After I had written Black Tide I knew that Toby had a lot more adventures to have; he still hadn’t reached safety and he and his family and friends needed to find a place to make their home. I remembered a very enjoyable holiday I had on the island of Orkney with my husband and daughter Charlotte. I was expecting my son, Rory but still managed to frolic on the beaches with baby Charlotte albeit she had to wear a jacket and woolly hat over her swimming costume as Orkney can be very windy!  Thus I decided that Orkney would be the place that Toby settled on. But then there were so many questions left unanswered. Where had the Red Fever come from? Who had spread it across the world?  Was there a vaccine that could be used to inoculate those people that hadn’t already been infected?  This led me to come up with the idea of the Corporation –  a huge multi-national organisation which was only interested in global domination, and whose search for a vaccine to protect its troops and further its goal, leads it to Orkney. 

I also wanted Toby to visit a desolated city and see what devastation the Red Fever had caused to a thriving community. I have family in Edinburgh and have visited many times and love the bustling streets, the winding alleyways, the majestic castle towering over Princes Street, and the historic monuments. Thus Toby and his friend Tash are forced to flee to Edinburgh in order to find a scientist who possesses the key to making a vaccine. 

Again, I have introduced more animals into Silver Storm; there are rabid rats that Toby thinks must have been infected with the Red Fever as they are huge and vicious. There are also escaped animals from Edinburgh Zoo that have taken over the city centre; huge bears and lions stalk the streets. 

I have included many familiar places such as Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill, the Dungeons, and the Wallace Monument so you too can go and see the places where Toby hid from a lion, fled through the underground tunnels from the rats, and searched for a scientist amongst the ancient monoliths. Toby has a new friend too; Hasif whose best friend is a monkey called Tally, after talisman which is what she is to Hasif. 

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